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The VirginIslands Department of Education (VIDE) is responsible for managing the receipt, tagging, scanning, delivery, tracking, physical inventory anddisposition of asset purchased with local and federal funds. Warehouse Operations is responsible for the receipt, tagging, scanning and delivery of assets.Fixed Asset Management department is responsible for the tracking(cycle counts, newly purchased asset reconciliation and integrity of forms documenting the movements of assets), managing the bi-annual physical inventory count and disposition of assets. Schools/Activity Centers are custodians of the assets and are responsible for ensuring these policies and procedures along with other established directives are followed to prevent loss, damage or theft of assets.

Equipment also referred to as property or asset, is a tangible, non-expendable property having a useful life of more than one year and an acquisition cost of $500 or more per unit. It includes all computers and high risks equipment regardless of price. Each asset will receive a blue bar-code tag, which identifies it as a federal purchase, or a red bar-code tag, which identifies it as a local purchase.

Equipment shall be used by the grantee or sub-grantee in the program or project for which it was acquired. If there is a need for an asset(s) to be used by a different program permanently, it requires prior approval of the State Federal Grants Office. In instances where sub-grantees' program no longer exist, the equipment must be transferred back to the VIDE. When an asset has reached the end of it's useful life or usefulness the disposal of the asset must be properly documented using the Report of Survey form. Once the form has been completed you can submit it to the Fixed Asset Management email address fixedassetmgt@sttj.k12.vi.

When an asset is moved permanently, temporarily or for home use authorization, it must be documented correctly using the appropriate forms.


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