Student User ID (UID) Policies

Just to simplify the student User ID (UID)  Policies

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Lets break it down ... a student named “Johnny Dolittle Williams” with Student-ID “1234567” born on “06/24/2001”

  • UID =johnny.williams567
  • EXAMPLE Password: Jw06242001 (Note: the FIRST letter is capitalized this is only an example it cannot be used ... double digit day-double-digit month-four digit year)
  • Primary Email is johnny.williams567@stu.vide.vi
  • Office365 = johnny.williams567@stu.vide.vi  (login for email access)
  • All students will have at least 3 email addresses johnny.williams567@stu.vide.vi (main) and  jw1234567@stu.vide.vi / 1234567@stu.vide.vi (alias)
  1. All students must go to the Passwordreset TOOL first to activate their account.
  2. Once a student has enrolled and or changed thier password their account will be activated for system access.
  3. Access your email account http://outlook.com/stu.vide.vi
  4. For wireless access please login with format stu\johnny.williams567 (your user name)
  5. It is best to search for the username in http://addressbook.vide.vi if you are unsure of the spelling or format.

This is across the board but there are exceptions … some user accounts with hyphenated last names or a UID more than 20 characters have been adjusted.

If you have any questions or concerns create a ticket or email us at "admin@vide.vi".

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