What VIDE domain are you on?

Student logins are now mandatory,  pay attention to the domain, your login changes depending on the current domain that the system is on. If you are a student and the computer shows STU then all you have to do is log into the system but if it shows K12, STTJ or STX  you would then add your domain first ... check the examples.

  • Students are always "STU\user.name"
  • St. Thomas\John users are always "STTJ\user.name"
  • St. Croix users are always "STX\user.name"

example below:



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Student User ID (UID) Policies

Just to simplify the student User ID (UID)  Policies

Know your UserID.png

Lets break it down ... a student named “Johnny Dolittle Williams” with Student-ID “1234567” born on “06/24/2001”

  • UID =johnny.williams567
  • Default (sample) Password: Jw06242001 (they will be forced to change it. Note: the FIRST letter is capitalized)
  • Primary Email is johnny.williams567@stu.vide.vi
  • Office365 = johnny.williams567@stu.vide.vi  (login for email access)
  • All students will have at least 3 email addresses johnny.williams567@stu.vide.vi (main) and  jw1234567@stu.vide.vi / 1234567@stu.vide.vi (alias)
  1. All students must go to the Passwordreset TOOL first to activate their account.
  2. Once a student has enrolled and or changed thier password their account will be activated for system access.
  3. Access your email account http://outlook.com/stu.vide.vi
  4. For wireless access please login with format stu\johnny.williams567 (your user name)

This is across the board but there are exceptions … some user accounts with hyphenated last names or a UID more than 20 characters have been adjusted. If you are unsure, It is best to search for user names via http://addressbook.vide.vi.

If you have any questions or concerns just reply to this email.

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St. Thomas

1834 Kongens Gade, St. Thomas, VI 00802
Phone: 340-774-0100

Curriculum Center:
Mon – Fri:  8AM – 5PM


St. Croix

2133 Hospital Street, Christiansted, St. Croix, VI 00820
Phone: 340-773-1095

Curriculum Center:
Mon – Fri:  8AM – 5PM